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(zoom) Android CompassCan't you find where you have parked your car after Rolling Stones concert?
Have you gone to buy an ice-cream and now you are not able to find your sunbed on crowded beach?
Have you been caught by a fog on trip in unknown terrain and you can't find right direction?
Or, for another reason, do you need to know your actual location and eventually direction to chosen place? And your mobile navigation doesn't work, because you can't access internet connection?
Then you would appreciate this compass and simple direction indicator.

Application Compass will show your position, orientation and shortest direction to predefined place as well. It will allow you to save your actual position and you can record your whole path.
It can save all data to your memory card and then load it back to its database.
And, above all, it doesn't need no internet connection, so it can be used in total wilderness.


From version 1.2 you can also run Google Navigation to navigate you to the choosen target or show this location on the map.

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